The tools department at Garrett Ace Hardware has everything you need for your project.

From hand tools to power tools, we have what you need to ensure you’re using the right tool for the job:

– A wide selection of brands
– Consumer to professional
– Knowledgeable staff that is always helpful
– We honor the craftsman lifetime warranty on most hand tools

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  • Product Consultation
  • Basic Usage Instruction
  • Special Ordering
  • Craftsman Tool Gaurantee

Our Featured Brands

We carry way more than this. These are just our favorites.

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Is it the right tool for the job?

Whether it’s about the tool type or the tool brand, we’re happy to consult and make sure that you’re purchasing the best tool for your specific needs.

Garrett Ace Hardware has sales people ready to consult with you, not sell you things.  We want you leaving with a solution, not a purchase.

Basic Usage Instruction

Basic user error shouldn’t come between you and a positive tool usage experience.

Is this a new tool or tool brand for you?

Buy your tool from Garrett Ace Hardware and we’re happy to show you the basics of how to put it together and get it going.

Special Ordering

Looking for a specific tool type or model number?  Have specialized tool needs?  We’ll order it for you.

If we don’t have it, we can get it.

Craftman Tool Gaurantee

Craftsman offers a lifetime guarantee on their products and we honor that.

Craftsman is a brand that stands for enduring quality, and they have always backed that up with a lifetime guarantee.  That means if your tool breaks, you get a new or refurbished one.  Garrett Ace Hardware honors that guarantee in its stores.