Garrett Ace Hardware takes the pain out of paint

We handle the details of your painting project:

– Call-in paint orders
– Customer paint profiles
– All your leading brands
– Experienced staff consultation

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  • Paint Order Will-Call
  • Customer Paint Profiles
  • Special Ordering
  • Color Matching

Our Featured Brands

We carry way more than this. These are just our favorites.

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  • Trusted quality since 1921

    From boring to brilliant for homeowners, contractors and building managers.

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  • Professional painting tools

    Attention to detail is important. You strive for smooth brush strokes and the perfect coat. And we strive for the long-lasting, handmade quality that you’ve come to rely on.

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  • DIY inspiration

    How to finish wood in 3 easy steps.

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  • Psychology of color

    We understand the profound impact color has on your environment.

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Paint Order Will-Call

Don’t want to wait around to have your paint mixed?

Call ahead, pay in advance and just run in and grab your paint at your convenience.

Let’s face it, going to the store, waiting in line to order paint, waiting for the paint and then waiting to pay for the paint TAKES FOREVER.  At Garrett Ace Hardware you can skip all that pain in the paint.  Just call us, tell us what you need and pay for it over the phone. Run in and grab it whenever it works for you.  That easy.

Customer Paint Profiles

Tracking all your paint colors is tedious.

It’s 2 years later, do you know where your paint chips are?

Keeping track of the paint brands, colors and finishes used in each room is tedious record keeping.  Garrett Ace Hardware does this for you.  Ask for a free customer profile and we’ll put your paint in our database.  Not just what you bought and when, but notes about where you used it.  So you can call us and have us fill a gallon of your kitchen paint. That’s how easy we make it.

Special Ordering

Looking for a special type of paint or a special tool?  We’ll order it for you.

If we don’t have it, we can get it.

Color Matching

No matter what your color inspiration, we’ll match it.

We can match any color source, just bring it in and we’ll turn it into paint.