Garrett's full service nursery has what you are looking for with our huge selection of unusual and hard to find plants, complemented by a knowledgeable staff and helpful service. Brighten up your yard with bedding plants or make it edible with organic heirloom vegetables starters. We have soils from E.B. Stone and plants from Monrovia and other local nurseries. Garrett's also carries the county-famous and locally produced "Mango Mulch".


Most water consertative plants are: Salvias, Lavender, Rock Rose & Butterfly Bush

We are your canning headquarters!

Throughout the year you will find all the supplies needed, whether an expert or a beginner, to start and complete the canning process. We have product demonstrations, seminars and classes for canning enthusiants!

CANNING Tip: "The key to successful canning is PLANNING. Make sure all your jars are properly cleaned and have all the right matching lids. For the tastiest food, don't use overripe fruits or vegetables"

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